Online Ikebana lesson
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Online Ikebana lesson

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【Online Ikebana Lesson】 🌿Enjoy creating your own zen space at your place🌿 "Heaven" "Human" "Earth"... you will love those words. The master of flower arrangement Risho Seo will guide us beautiful Ikebana world. This time, we will prepare flowers or plants by ourselves and enjoy to connect all over the world. It would be great to share our arrangement from different country. You will be surprised to see that simple minimulizm is beautiful. And you can enjoy not only arrangement, it's also space and universe which you create with plants. 【What to prepare 】 ・40cm Flowers or Plants ・20cm~30cm Flowers or Plants(will be the main one) ・any favorite plants(optional) ・Water ・Scissors ・Base, glass or coffee cup. 【Option】 +1,500yen, You can receive the selected seasonal flowers, base and Kenzan (Only available in Japan)